MBS100 Series

Automation Group

It provides remote access to products that can communicate with MODBUS RTU over MODBUS TCP or MODBUS TUNNEL protocols.

Optional options are available to create a crossover between protocols/networks with powerful configuration and management.

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MDC100 Series Automation Group PROTOCOL CONVERTERS

It reads the data of electricity meters and writes it to the MODBUS map according to OBIS codes....

MMS100 Series Automation Group PROTOCOL CONVERTERS

Devices such as Water Meters, Calorimeters, or Heat Allocators that can communicate with M-BUS o...

SC100 Series Automation Group PROTOCOL CONVERTERS

Devices with serial communication channels provide bidirectional access over the internet. ...

RTU300 Series Automation Group RTU

RTU products provide control, data collection and communication for the most demanding distribut...

DM50 Series Automation Group RTU

Industrial Cellular VPN Router. A cost-effective, industrial-grade PROTOCOL GATEWAY designed for...