Manufacturing Execution System (MES); It is an information system that connects monitors and controls to production systems and data streams data acquisition in a factory or workshop.
The overall aim of MES is to ensure that manufacturing processes are efficient and to improve production output. This goal is achieved by monitoring and collecting real-time and accurate data about a complete product life management cycle.

With our product family, we produce solutions for facilities with the following features:

  • Data Acqusition: All of the data entry, whether manual or automatic, provides a concise assessment of the entire process.
  • Workforce Management: Managing the best qualities and features of employees and equipment and using them in the most advantageous areas.
  • Product Tracking: With product tracking we can easily control and manage the process in production in real-time.
  • Quality Control: Controlling the quality of the production process and allow changes and developments in production.
  • Performance Analysis: The system analyzes the entire process and identifies areas value of the efficiency. This allows the system to move closer to the efficiency point while the process in progress.
  • Maintenance Management: Inevitable maintenance that does not hinder production is planned, thus ensuring a smooth production flow.
MES (Manufacturing Execution System)